FitPods™ Wireless Earpods

Introducing The FitPods™ Wireless Earpods

✔️360-hour+ Battery Life
✔️ Superior Sound Quality
✔️ IPX-7 Waterproof
✔️ Ergonomic Design
✔️ Bluetooth 5.0
✔️ Intuitive Multifunctional Touch Sensor
✔️ Charge your Phone and Fitpods Simultaneously

    The Fitpods™ Wireless Earpods are designed to achieve superior Hi-Fi sound and ultra-long playtime while listening to your music and media content. Easily transition through your favorite music with the intuitive touch sensor technology.   Created by audio's finest award-winning engineers. Designed to be your perfect workout companion with a secure fit and IPX-7 waterproof build.

    Superior 360-Hour Battery Life

    The 4000mAH large capacity battery can repeatedlycharge the headset 42 times. It also enables the charging of smartphones to avoid battery drain when going out or traveling.

    3D stereo sound effect, Hi-Fi for high sound quality: CVC 8.0 noise reduction technology, support for SBC / AAC audio.Clear enough to feel the sound, effectively remove the noise during the call and the surrounding noise, and achieve a comfortable call.

    Intuitive multi-functional touch sensor.

    Over 10 touch control gestures to easily control your Wireless Fitpods. Easy to use while your away from your phone. Remove the hassle of pulling your phone out every time you want to control your music or calls. 

    Seamless Voice AI Control

    Access your favorite virtual assistants in an instant. With a touch, you can talk to Siri, Google, or Contrana without taking out your phone. 

    Ergonomic never-drop design.

    Easily use The Fitpods during your workouts, swimming sessions, or everyday travel. 

    • Question 1: Can I use only one side of the earbuds at a time? I want to use it when I am in the office.
    • Answer 1: Yes, those 2 earbuds can be used separately.
    • Question 2: It says fully charged 48 times. Does that mean you can only charge these 48 times? And then you can no longer charge them
    • Answer 2: You charge the Rechargeable box which can charge the Earbuds 48 times before needing to recharge the box again.
    • Question 3: Does this work with Android phones like Samsung?
    • Answer 3: The wireless earbuds can be paired with any Bluetooth enabled devices. Some of the compatible devices are iPhone, Samsung, ipad and etc.